Our Cats - Plans

Raydusoleil Becky a.k.a Cleo and Raydusoleil Ivey we expect the kittens middle of December 2018

Possible colors for males: Black Smoke, Brown Classic Tabby, Red Classic Tabby? For females: Back Smoke, Black Tortie. All kittens can be with or without white

Raydusoleil Kamila and Shedoros Xantos of Raydusoleil we expect the kittens end of December 2018

Color s for males: Black Silver Tabby and for females Brown Classic Tabby with or without white.

Raydusoleil Xena and Muse Coons Gabriel of Raydusoleil we are expecting kittens in early January 2019

Villa Park PL Opal of Raydusoleil and Shedoros Xantos of Raydusoleil

Raydusoleil Sabrina and Shedoros Xantos a.k.a. Tony of Raydusoleil Winter 2018

Triskel Amy of Raydusoleil and Shedoros Xantos of Raydusoleil

Shedoros Sunny Day a.k.a Sonia and Raydusoleil Ivey

Raydusoleil Cindy and Tribalcats Moomin of Raydusoleil

Raydusoleil Nelly and Ripple Spod Wawelu of Raydusoleil a.k.a Niko ?? Winter 2019