1. OPTION - Someone already is sending a deposit, but a kitten may, or not be available later. 2. RESERVED - Someone already has sent a deposit, so do not ask for this kitten. 3. AVAILABLE - The kitten is available for inquiry. 4. UNDER EVALUATION - The kitten is kept up to 10 weeks either for another breeder or for us. It may or may not be available after 10 weeks.

If you DO NOT plan to keep your adopted kitten/cat inside your home ONLY, please do not apply for kitten adoption. Purebred Maine Coons are neither used to, nor are able to survive roaming the streets.

NOTE: Letting your cat outside is breach of contract

What should I do to adopt a kitten or adult cat?

You should write to us and fill out the questionnaire located on our website (www.raydusoleil.com). We care about our cats and kittens and they are sold only to the approved families or individuals, who can both provide the best conditions and will care for them to the end of their life.

How much does the kitten cost?

ALL MY CATS ARE EITHER EUROPEAN OR FROM EUROPEAN BREEDING LINES. Our youngest breeding boy arrived just a few months ago. European Maine Coons are longer and taller that Maine Coons bred in the USA. We have breeding and pet quality kittens. Most kittens are sold only as pets. Breeding/show quality kittens are sold to approved breeders. If you are interested, please contact us for the details. Pet kittens females cost $1700 and males cost $2000. A discount of $100 is available when purchasing more than one kitten at the time. Individuals that bought a kitten from us in past, receive a $50 discount.

Is a deposit required when reserving a kitten?

A $400 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a kitten and these reservations are taken when the kittens are at least 4 weeks old. The deposit is not transferable to another kitten or cat. A deposit will be returned only when breeder decides not to sell the kitten. We accept PayPal and personal checks for a deposit.

When can I see my kitten?

I can make you a video on request. Our cattery is in our home we do not allow visitation until the kitten is ready to go home.

How to pay balance for the kitten?

The balance is paid after you sign the contract and you are ready to take the kitten home. During the kitten pick up cash only is accepted.

How old is kitten when it is ready to go to the new home?

The kitten must be at least 12 to 13 weeks old. According to most professional publications, veterinarian advice, and our experience, 12 to 13 weeks is a minimum time that a kitten needs to spend with mother and siblings. This makes sure that kitten is emotionally and physically well developed and healthy.

What happens when I do not pick-up kitten on the scheduled date?

WE WILL NOT HOLD the kitten pass the due date scheduled to pick your reserved kitten. Please plan accordingly and make an appointment to pick up your kitten at one of two scheduled days. People, that not make an appointment, or do not show up to pick the kitten, will lose their reservation. Kittens not picked up during scheduled days will be listed as available on the website or offered to other people. There will be exception upon agreement. However, you need to have a solid reason for the delay – it will not be free. Planned vacation will be not considered as a reason for the delay. Please plan accordingly.

What type of vaccinations do the kittens already have, and what is required for the kitten after adoption?

Our kittens receive 2 rounds of the kitten's vaccinations at 8 and 12 weeks of age, that include Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia (distemper). They are also de-wormed twice. After adoption, a third vaccination series is required at the age of 16 weeks.

Do we offer a heath guarantee?

We guarantee our kittens leave our home healthy. They are checked by a veterinarian at an age of 11 weeks and leave our home with signed by veterinarian health certificates. We also guarantee kitten replacement, if a kitten dies within one year of age due to genetic defects confirmed and proven by a veterinarian. We will choose the kittens for the replacement.

Do you ship kittens?

We do not ship kittens in airline cargo. We always would like to meet a family, that will take care of our kitten to end of its life. Additionally, we would like you to see the conditions in which our cats live. We live only 25 minutes from O'Hare airport, therefore it shouldn't be a problem for you to come and pick up your kitten.

What type of food the kitten eat?

Our kittens start eating solid food at 4 weeks of age. " Merrick" for kitten wet and dry food.

What type of food do adult cats eat?

Quality of food is very important for us. We continuously search for the best food for our cats. Recently, our cats love soft food produced by Merrick, dry food from for cats and kittens. We do not recommend any food which contains fish.

What type of cat litter should be used?

We use Master Paws® Scoopable Cat Litter.

What is included in the kitten care package?

The kitten care package includes same food, which the kitten has been eating at our home and is familiar with, favorite toy, a folder with all vaccinations, de-worming records, and a health certificate signed by a veterinarian. Additionally, we provide a copy of the parent's pedigrees.

At what age my cat should be spay/neuter?

Due to the fact that Maine Coons cats grow very long and mature at age of 3 to 4 years, we recommend to neuter females at 6 months of age and males at 7- 8 months of age.

When do I receive the registration papers?

When you provide a document from veterinarian that your kitten was spayed/neutered, we will send you the registration papers in regular mail.